The Human Blueprint is a leadership development, executive- and team-coaching team committed to evoking radical transformation for individuals, leaders, teams and organizations.



We believe that each human being is uniquely gifted and has the ability to change the world.  The word 'blueprint' alludes to the innate humanness.  We work closely with individuals, leaders, teams and organizations to uncover their inner or collective wisdom - moving them closer to living an inspired life at work and beyond. Aligning self, teams and organizations is the only way to change the world. We provide unique experiences that unleash human blueprints which inspire and ignite the impossible.  

James Davis-Massey

James Davis-Massey has led change and transformation for individuals and teams for more than 20 years. He has lead and participated in strategic cultural realignment, coached professionals and leaders from emerging to C-Suite leaders. He has launched an organizational values initiative and a leadership curriculum that transformed the organization's culture and had success in creating custom trainings and simulations that evoke meaningful and sustainable change. James has experience working with Fortune 200 companies, government and non-profit agencies.  James is a CTI trained coach, master facilitator, mediator and organization development practitioner and holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Work from Colorado State University and Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership and Development from the University of Denver.

James lives with his husband Christopher Davis-Massey their two children, Stella and Charlie, and two furbabies Bruin and Athos. 

“Each individual, team, organization, community, state, nation will be the most aligned and alive when everyone is tapped and tuned in to what is most important to them and know what they want.”
— -James Davis-Massey

Past Clients

  • Denver Water
  • State of Colorado
  • Health First Colorado
  • Human Service Network of Colorado
  • Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver
  • DISH Network